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Thursday, 14 December 2017


Sock boots have been very popular this fall. I found such a gorgeous pair that I had to shoot them - Grey Glittery Sock Boots.
You're used to seeing me in quite relaxed sport gear so I went for the business look. Think you could totally this outfit to an office.
 Aren't they so cool ?!
Photos by Zoja Saveljeva | Edit by me

Product details:
Jacket / Zara (old season) similar here
Sweater / Zara here
Trousers / Zara here
Boots / Zara here
Bag / Zara here
Hat / Zara (old season) similar here

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Hope you enjoyed this look,


Monday, 11 December 2017


I'm always on the lookout for new skincare products, and boy am I happy I got these Ziaja Cupuacu- line products to test.
* products given by FaceHelsinki
The lines shower balm is basically your in-shower-body-lotion. During summer you probably won't need to put lotion after this. Very rich, and creamy- I love it. Super product to have if you suffer from dry skin, by using this and then on top my usual body lotion (or the bronzing lotion) my skin feels almost as soft as during summer. Which is a miracle.
This body scrub has the best scent ever, it's smells like toffee ! 
The jar is rather big, price is low (8,90€ at Sokos), and it delivers. After using this your skin is super smooth, can save some extra days of not shaving. So it smells nice lasts pretty long, and works. 
The last product is a bronzing body lotion. This is so easy to spread out, it moisturises so nicely, and to my great surprise does give a noticably colour. My trick to applying is first to put other, rich (normal) body lotion to dryer parts of body (elbows etc), apply as you would normally, wash your hands, apply a tiny bit to the back of your hand and rub them together. This way you'll have the same colour on your hands but not streaks, and certainly not on the inside of your hands.
You can buy these in Finland from Sokos and Sokos emotions, I'll add direct links below to e-shop.
These three have been my must haves since summer, and will continue to be.

Ziaja Cupuacu Bodyscrub here
Ziaja Cupuacu in-shower Body Balm here
Ziaja Bronzing Body Lotion here

P.S. Sokos has pretty nice gift sets from Ziaja for Xmas ;)

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Thursday, 7 December 2017


I'm very much liking sporty casual outfits. Easiest trick to turning that outfit into a chic'er version is just by adding heels. 
These cool ankle boots are from Zara and are surprisingly comfy to walk about.
The red colour as a statement gives a refreshing element to otherwise heavy colours grey and black.
Photos by Zoja Saveljeva | Edit by me

Product details:
Jacket / BikBok OJ BA Selma - 49,99€
Hoodie / Zara 5584 295 600 - 12,95€
Trousers / Zara 1131 341 064 - 17,95€
Boots / Zara 5112 201 040 - 49,95€
Bag / Zara (old season)

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 Have a colourful dayMimí


Monday, 4 December 2017


Keeping up with the cool shade of blonde is an everlasting battle, the same goes for brunettes fighting against redness from showing up.

Pravana has a solution to both !
*post done in collaboration with Pravana's Finnish importer Hairbesties, and Gyyli.
 For years we've had silver/ purple shampoos & conditioners for keeping our blond locks more in the cool shade, slowing down the rate of eventually turning more and more yellow.
Our sisters (and brothers) of brunette hair colours have been neglected and left on their own to battle their brunette turns more to red show.
Pravana, as first in the world, has brought out series for blondes and brunettes.
Most often in the silver shampoos/ conditioners, if they are effective, your hair can so easily absorb colour and turn out with unwanted lilac streaks or even blue.
Pravana's the Perfect Blonde shampoo & conditioner has dual ultra-violet dye system in the shampoo purifies and neutralizes yellow tones, optical brighteners to protect and enhance blonde radiance. Need I say without fear of those mentioned streaks.

Pravana's the Perfect Brunette shampoo & conditioner has the first ever blue-green toning complex to banish those reddish hues. Absolutely unheard of, right ? Check out your basic colour correction chart and you'll see why and how that works.

Both lines (brunette and blonde) nourish the hair, leave a glass-like shine and are vegan, gluten-free, sulfate free, paraben free, and the package is 100% biodegradable.
 I didn't just want to believe it, I wanted to experience it. Inka at Gyyli invited me to test out the Perfect Blonde shampoo and condioner. On the picture my hair is diirrty, I only wash my hair once a week, and the only photoedit I've done is to sharpen the image. The same goes to other hair pictures, I wanted to show the real colour without gimmicks.
Due to the shampoo being sulfate free it doesn't foam like your normal shampoos, Inka's tips for that are: 
  • first, you lather your hair thoroughly. Then apply the shampoo all over but go through your hair with your fingers like you'd gently comb through it. Then wash it off
  • seconly, this time when applying the shampoo it'll foam up easier. The first round took off the most of the dirt, and now the toner in the shampoo can be applied properly
You can leave the shampoo, ranging from desired effect, from few minutes to 10s of minutes. Inka kept my shampoo on for just few minutes before washing off.
The shampoo btw always has more toner than the conditioner.
This is my hair blowdried, and straightened. All hairs mine.
Beautifully illuminited blonde hair with Gyyli's signature glamour curls.
Gyyli is the first, and only salon in Helsinki at the moment that has the complete Pravana hair care home products. 
As a Xmas treat Gyyli has a special offer, until 31.12-17 or until this stock lasts, for the
  Perfect Blonde/ Brunette shampoo & conditioner for 50€ (rrp 64€).

For consumers, and professionals, in Finland  interested in getting this to your salon tell your hair salon to contact Hairbesties

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 Glossy day to youMimí


Friday, 1 December 2017


H&M has expanded their makeup line with concealers and brow products.
See for yourself on the video how did the products do.

PRODUCTS TESTED: H&M superfine browliner // espresso brown H&M brow perfector // espresso H&M cover-up concealer // soft sand H&M cover-up concealer// almond beige MAKEUP: Paese hydrobase under makeup Paese illuminating make-up base Ziaja BB cream normal, dry & sensitive skin // natural tone Clinique loose powder// 03 Paese artist powder contour trio // 01 Mac mineralize blush// gleeful Paese bronzing powder // 2M Paese sheer glow powder// 12 natural Paese sheer glow powder// 11 warm beige Remember to Like & Subscribe ! BLOG http://mimijasmin.blogspot.fi/ INSTAGRAM mimii_official FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/mimijasminof... SNAPCHAT mimii_official SUPERCAN mimii_official EMAIL themimisteri@gmail.com
Hope you enjoyed watching, Mimí

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


It's getting colder and darker so what do we need? Colours in our lives, yes. 
Found this gorgeous baby blue coloured jacket from Mango. Besides being such a tender colour it's warm with 51% of wool. 
This H&M bag is such a find. It's 100% suede and was a on million % sale for only 15€. 
 I've had this Balmuir mohair scarf for over two years, still going strong.
Photos by Zoja Saveljeva | Edit by me

Product details:
Coat /Mango 11037655 - 79,99€
Hoodie / Zara 1463 272 800 - 19,95€
Leggings / Zara 8338 265 800 - 19,95€
Scarf / Balmuir
Bag / H&M (old season)
Shoes / Zara (old season)
The big ring & the heart ring / Pandora

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 Babyblue day to you, Mimí


Monday, 27 November 2017


If you're lucky to live near Sephora there are plenty of gift sets for your loved ones, and you.
Here are what I picked, for me:

 Sephora's own line of masks have many to choose from, and their prices aren't cray cray.
Do you have a favourite one on these?
I've seen that basically every beauty tuber has used Benefit's Roller Lash, Porefessional primer and Hoola bronzer so they were on my list. Instead of buying all of them separately look for Work Kit, Girl! that has Roller Lash, Hoola, Porefessional and Tint all four in travel size with a 'travel size price'.
 The Tint really does stay ! This stain was on for almost three days even after ferocious scrubbing so apply with care.
One more legend that I had to get to test was this Too Faced's Better than Sex mascara, in travel size as well.
I might do a test video on trying all these- separate for a mask and one of the makeup.
What are your Sephora must haves? 

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Have you checked out my YouTube video where I test out L'Oréal Lash Paradise vs Paradise Extatic?
Link to YouTube here.

Maketastic Monday, Mimí

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