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Wednesday, 18 October 2017


My eyebrows have always been super light coloured, they grow very scarcely meaning since I was a teen I've drawn them.
Well, I got tired of that and searched through countless of Instagram and Facebook pages looking for the browfessional whos handwork I liked. 
 I wanted to look Insta ready- all the time

There are two techniques: tattooing and microblading.
 On eyebrow tattooing, they use a small needle to insert the colour in, like doing a tattoo.
In microblading, they cut the hair stroke lines with a tiny blade, and after blading, they apply the colour on top of that.
Microblading lasts maximum one year, whereas tattooing can last over a year.

I found Charme Studio de Snezajas handwork to please me most, and she uses the tattoo technique.

You can see on this picture collage, that my eyebrows truly were super light.
I first went to Snezaja a year ago, she did my eyebrows using shading technique.
The top picture is after the first session and the lower one a month later after session number two.
My eyebrows stayed very beautifully, these pictures below are taken after a year.
I wanted to have some more 'realness' to the brows.
 So exactly one month ago I went to Snezaja, and this time she used a hair stroke technique.

This picture below is right after the session, and the process doesn't really hurt but I felt a constant need to sneeze.
 There are very sensitive nerves at the ends of your brows, near the eyes, that cause that feeling.
This is taken the next day, while I got my Lash Lift done by Studio VMS.
This is how I look now, a month after.
I would very highly recommend to, if you're thinking of getting your eyebrows tattooed, to look through a gazillion pictures. Before, after & healed ! 
I could not be happier with the work that Snezaja has done. You can find her Facebook here and Instagram here

Happy browdays to you, Mimi

* hairstroke tattoo session done in collaboration with Charme Studio de Snezaja


Monday, 16 October 2017

Sunday spent brunching & watching KHL

Sunday was such a fun, and relaxing day. Started the day with sleeping in, then headed to a brunch with friends followed by a KHL hockey game.
This Café is one my the favourite places, decor vise and importantly the food. Buongiorno Café is like your extended living room, the service works a lot better there than at my living room.

Headed to watch a KHL game of Jokerit vs Salavat Julajev Ulfa. 
Spoiler Alert!
Jokerit won 2-0.

After the game came home and watched some Netflix, edited these (, and a ton of other) pictures, and just relaxed.
Happy Monday, and a new week to you all, Mimi

Saturday, 14 October 2017

OUTFIT POST- miniature backpack

I'm in love with my mini backpack, you can style it with basically everything.
Not ready to completely pack away my bomber, had a rare sunny day so could sport this casual look.
Pictures Natalie Vilen

Bomber // Zara (old season)
Hoodie // H&M (+ size collection) 34,99
Jeans // Only (old season)
Backpack // Zara (old season)
Shoes // Adidas (old season)
Glasses // Tom Ford from Synsam

Hope your weekend is going great, Mimi

Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Testing out a brand new product from Glamglow:

Plumprageous Matte lip.
It is said to make your lips outrageously plump.
Does it work? See for yourself, Mimi


Monday, 9 October 2017


Ihanat, antoisat ja huikeat I Love Me- messut ovat 20-22.10.2017 taas Messukeskuksessa. 
Olen saanut FaceHelsingiltä 3 (kolme) * 2 hengen lippupaketteja laittaa arvontaan teille.

FaceHelsinki  maahantuo Ziaja, Paese, Kent, Davines, Bielenda, Denova Pro, Miyo ja Pierre René merkkien tuotteita. 
Osastolla (6b50) tarjolla, loistavien messutarjousten lisäksi, Paese- meikeillä pikameikkejä ja Ziaja- tuotteilla käsihierontaa.
Mitä kaikkea muuta messuilta löytyy, kurkkaa messulehdestä.

Olen itse paikalla osastolla joka päivä, saa tulla nykäisemään hihasta ja moikkaamaan :)
College on KariOriginals mallia Kuono.

Lippupaketti on siis kahdelle hengelle, joka oikeuttaa yhtenä päivänä käymään I Love Me- messuilla ja näitä paketteja arvon kolme. Kilpailuaika on 9-15.10.2017
Liput toimitetaan voittajien sähköposteihin.

Miten osallistut:
- jätä kommentti kenen kanssa tulisit messuille

Jos haluat tuplata tai jopa triplata mahdollisuutesi voittaa, kurkkaa Facebook ja Instagram tilini.
Onnea arvontaan, Mimi


Friday, 6 October 2017


What you get when you mix super officy white collar shirt, (everyone's hates but faves) leggings, and a flowery hoodie?
Photos by Natalie Vilen

Coat / Zara (old season)
Hoodie / Zara 1463 272 800 19,95€
Shirt / Zara (old season)
Leggings / Zara 0387 225 802 19,95€
Bag / H&M (old season)
Shoes / H&M (old season
Glasses / Tom Ford from Synsam

 Hope you'll have a great weekend, Mimi


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

How to turn your weaknesses into strengths

I've always been a very vocal person, a true epitome of an extrovert.
For most of my life, I've been told to tone it down, not to be so expressive, emotional and loud.
My mouth runs faster than my brain. Sometimes I've gone an extra mile, just to see it was the wrong way, while my friend was looking at the map at the crossroads. 

Being such an expressive person, you can literally see my emotions from my face. Sucha drag at customer service, no wonder I was always so drained when I got home.
I've been said to be stupid, dumb and not responsible, for my character. I also happen to have blonde hair and blue eyes, so I'm a blonde bimbo, right?

It is true that sometimes I do blurt out some stupid lines, but so do we all. I do have a big character and sometimes when I get carried away the shyer person can feel suppressed.
I feel very uncomfortable when I sense a tense situation. I can't handle it. Like Chandler, I try and ease the tenseness by telling jokes.
Most of the time this backfires. Horribly. 

One day I just thought that I should think what I can do with it since I can't change.
Instead of allowing your weaknesses be your Achilles heel why not utilize them?
My weakness was being too expressive, what can I use it for?
Acting. Commercial modeling. Voice-overs. I've got a fluent British accent that I can do voice overs with on top of my native Finnish.

So I started looking for agencies and sending weekly/ daily emails to them.
Within 12 months here's what I've done: 
- 3 voice-overs, one in English
- 2 still photo shoots
- 6 speaker roles, commercial modeling + acting
- 1 (small) movie speaker role
- 3 series where I'm acting
- 4 commercials 
Now that I get to channel my energy out on somewhere, I am ( a little bit) calmer off-screen. I absolutely love performing, and I'm so happy that I just went and tried.

Have you had similar thoughts, as to your weaknesses and, what have you done with them? 
I'd love to hear your stories, xoxo
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